We understand the importance of customized software solutions in industrial process control. With the specialized software development team in XNG, we provide customized software solutions and Information technology services for industrial automation and Process Management. This includes software development for Work-In-Progress tracking, Custom built Data acquisition systems, Visualization software’s, MIMIC tools, Data base management, Custom screen developments for CNC machines, plant monitoring software’s etc. We work on various platforms like Visual Basic, C, .Net, JAVA and latest communication & networking technologies. We help our customers, not only to enhance their productivity through our software tools, but also in advance planning, based on the adequate real time data on their companywide processes.

We specialize in interconnecting the machines and process controllers with business management software’s like SAP and ERP. Our software solutions support the customers in monitoring each machine to entire plant at their finger tips.

  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Custom Developed Industrial IT Products for Plant Reporting using VB,.NET,JAVA
  • Data Logging and Acquisitions using SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database systems
  • Server Client Configuration and Data Monitoring using remote application in a Plant using LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Remote Monitoring of Plant data using Internet Services
  • Cloud Based Plant Monitoring Systems
  • Mobile Based Application for Plant Monitoring in Android, IPhone, Blackberry
  • GSM Based Plant Monitoring Software’s
  • Integrated Terminal Automation Software’s
  • Customized screens for CNC controllers.
  • Machine Design
  • Drafting and 3D Modelling
  • Instrumentation and Piping systems design
  • Control System and Automation Systems
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic systems design