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We develop Assembly solutions focused on achieving best machine footprint on a customer shop floor, uncompromised ergonomics for man and machine coordinated operations and ease of maintenance.

We offer turnkey solutions, from initial concept development and line development, to complete factory installation and after-sales service.

Type of Solutions

  • Stand Alone Assembly Stations
  • Cell Type Assembly Lines
  • Linear Conveyorised Assembly Lines
  • AGV Based Assembly Lines
  • RGV Based Assembly Line


Our Tailor Made Presses can be structurally designed as per customization needs We offer Pressing Solutions using technologies such as
Hydraulics | Pneumatics | Servo | Hydro-Pneumatics

  • Horizontal presses using C Frame
  • Vertical presses using H Frame Types

We cater to technical requirements of pressing such as
Force Fitting | Press-Fit | Crimping | Refitting | Clinching

Our solutions have the following features:
  • Presses of Capacities ranging from 1Ton to 20Ton
  • Analytical Measurements for press process graphs for Load Vs Displacement.
  • Auto Child Part Feeding Mechanics
  • Auto Lubrication for components or Sealant Application before pressing.

Tightning / Bolting Systems

Assembly Lines offer customized quick fix for various tightening solutions. We also offer distinct assemblies for tightening stations using international grade spindles.

We offer Assembly Stations for
Manual Tightening | Single Spindle Tightening | Gang Tightening | Pre-Tightening Solutions

Our solutions have the following features:
  • Spindle type: Pneumatic Spindles | DC Spindles | Wired Spindles | Wireless Spindles.
  • Automatic Pitch Indexing Solutions for Multi Spindle Needs
  • Automatic Screw Feeding Systems
  • Tightening Torque ranging from 2Nm to 440 NM
  • Integrate multi brand spindles & controllers focus on retrieving & controlling data from/to spindles on Torque/ Angles

Dispensing Systems

We offer Inline and Standalone Gluing Application Stations for Assembly Processes using best in class gluing dispenser systems.

We provide robotic/cartisan based gluing cells for standard sub-assemblies, transferring and centering parts or joining parts.

Our Machine Vision inspection solutions for dispensing enables flawless inspection after dispensing ensuring zero defect in products


Engraving or Marking Systems are essential need of the hour for Product Traceability and Identity purposes.

We offer solutions catering to various types of markings
  • Engraving / Dot Pin Marking
  • Laser Marking System
  • Inkjet Marking Systems


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