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Cross Belt Sorter

Cross belt sorters are high speed sortations system commonly used where the number of items and delivery locations managed are huge.

Cross belt sorters consist of multiple modular units of a miniature belt conveyor that runs perpendicular to the direction of the overall conveyor. When the belt is activated, it transfers the product off of the conveyor into a chute or take away conveyor.

  • Capacity: 30kg per carrier
  • Speed: 2 m/s
Three typical configurations
  • 1. Linear type
  • 2. Looped
  • 3. Double layer

Linear Arm Sorter

Linear Arm Sorters are cost effective distribution and sortation systems designed for low to medium volume applications. The system consists of a pneumatic or electrical arm with suitable torque and speed characteristics to divert items as per your specific application.

Roller top

Roller top sorters can sort or distribute products including parcels, cartons, bins and bags. This sorter consists of pivoting wheels that can be diverted up to 90° and when products move over these wheels, the products are diverted to the direction of the pivot wheels.

Popup Sorter

These sorters are used to divert material at perpendicular direction, especially low-medium weight and flat bottom items such as parcels, packages and cartons. A thin belt roller pops up between the conveyor rollers and when the product contacts the belt, they change course to the perpendicular direction.


Pushers are a low cost sortation System ideal for low throughput applications, especially for irregular shaped items such as bags. The pneumatic operated pusher sorter accurately tracks and diverts items in perpendicular direction.


Turn tables are used to distribute large and heavy loads such as pallets. The angle of turning can be configured, enabling both merging and distribution operations.


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